Wednesday, May 2, 2007

A Batch of Wristlets

I spent last night happily plugging away at my sewing machine while vaguely watching "John and Kate Plus 8" on TV (that show is so much fun to watch! Those little babies always make me smile!) I managed to get through 1 makeup bag and 3 wristlets. The bottom makeup bag and top wristlet were custom orders for friends. The middle two were meant to be for my Etsy shop, but I'm not sure now that I'm going to be able to part with them! There IS a value to keeping a few things for myself. Almost everything I've sold via word of mouth so far has come from someone having seen me wearing something I've made. I'll look at these two as an advertising investment ;)
The green wristlet is made from a fabric I got off of ebay featuring veggies and gardening tools. The zipper charm is of an owl and the lining is what can only be described as a green onion toile: it has the toile tonal outline thing going on, but the drawings are actually of spring onions and bulbs. The floral bag is lined with another Victorian looking floral and has a scissor charm. It reminds me of a little old ladies sewing circle.
I've got a few new ideas floating around for more wristlets, and cute names to go with them! So I expect another batch to be up in my Etsy shop in short order!

Listening:  Dogs- "Soilder On"

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