Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Wanted: The Perfect Margarita Recipe

The margaritas at El Chavo in Echo Park are the most authentic ones I've had outside of Mexico. They're strong without being bitter, sweet without being cloying, and definitely not watery the way some mix-made margaritas can be. I've been trying in vain to replicate them at home for months and I've managed to perfect a recipe for jet fuel strength margaritas, but nothing particularly useful for serving to polite company. I wish I knew El Chavo's secret . . . I've tried spying on the bartender but since the margaritas are so popular there, they make them ahead of time and pour out glasses from a pitcher. Its driving me nuts that I can't figure out whats in that pitcher, especially considering all of my attempts have been better suited to stripping paint than to drinking. If anyone has the secret, let me in on it please!

Listening:  The Electric Soft Parade- "Kick In The Teeth"

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