Thursday, April 19, 2007

A Right Of Passage

I broke my first sewing machine needle last night!!! While setting my first zipper!!! And I actually knew how to change the needle after I broke it!!! I think this might make me an
"intermediate" sewer ;)
Last night I used e.r.i.k.a.'s INSANELY detailed tutorial on craftster to make two makeup bags. I still wasn't able to figure out how to use my zipper foot, but I managed to come up with a way to wrangle my machine so that I was able to sew the zippers in cleanly with my regular foot. The first bag came out wonky, but useable. The second is AWESOME and is storing all of my Bare Minerals makeup in my new, homesewn purse right now! I couldn't be prouder! This really is a whole new world . . . now that I know this technique there are a zillion new things I can try out. Like wristlets, embellished makeup bags, purses . . . the possibilities are almost endless! Ok, maybe not ENDLESS, but certainly enough to keep me entertained for a while.

Listening:  Hum- "Ms. Lazarus (Demo)"

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