Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Reconstructed Tote Bag

A few weeks ago I bought an adorable tapestry panel from Goodwill for 99 cents. It wasn't the kind of thing I'd hang on my wall, but I thought it would make a perfect purse. I went straight from Goodwill to Joann's to find salvage fabrics to use constructing the panel into a tote bag. I found the most gorgeous, yummy celery green to use as a lining and strap contrast fabric, and a chocolate-y gold pinstripe fabric to use as the strap and backing.

After about two hours of sewing at home last night, my bag is all done! I'm carrying it as a purse today and it feels pretty good so far! There are a few things I'd do differently next time: I know I didn't set my strap properly and my lining is a teensy bit smaller than my bag. I'm certain there is a way to set the lining so it fits exactly, I've even come up with a vague idea of how to do it . . . I'll have plenty of new tricks to try next time! Overall though, I'm VERY proud of my first sewn purse!

Listening:  120 Days- "Come Out"

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