Monday, April 16, 2007

Ladies, I Present to You . . .

. . . Exhibit "A": the number one reason to learn a bit of basic sewing and keep a few sewing items on hand at home. This dress was marked down to $9 from $60 because it had no buttons. I bought it on Friday, took it home and added 6 new buttons from my vintage collection. The entire process took me about 6 minutes and I wore the dress out the same night. I also pretty much haven't worn anything else since, but who's keeping track?

P.S: The necklace pictured here is from Adorapop's gorgeous Etsy shop. I have two of her pendants and I get a ton of comments every time I wear them. This one is called "The Untidy Princess" . . . I'm not sure if you can get much cooler than that!

Listening:  Camera Obscura- "Books Written For Girls"

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