Thursday, April 12, 2007

Crocheted Clutches

These have been my obsession lately. And I'm good at obsessing. This is one of those super quick and super easy projects that turns out looking like so much more than the sum of its parts. The body of each bag is a cotton, crocheted square with a picot edge and a button hole . . . basically an ever so slightly modified dish cloth. I crochet a few bag bodies, then sew up the sides making a T shaped pleat at the bottom so that the bag will sit flat on a table. I hot glue in a cardboard bottom to the inside of each bag (a FANTASTIC idea contributed by Catie, one of my non-crafter friends. Just genius!) then I pick a button (the fun part!) and sew up a lining.
I adore how these bags look so simple from the outside but are so much fun on the inside. I can get as creative as I want picking linings: the prints inside are essentially just a little joke between me and whoever carries the bag. The bags pictured are, in order: beach, pirate and moose themed. So much fun!
Total project time is about two hours. Easy as pie.

Listening:  Voxtrot- "Mothers Sisters Daughters Wives"

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Presley said...

How do you sow the lining and attach it to the bag?

These are supercute.. got to make my own now!! :-)